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Guiding Ideas
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info2knowledge was founded on a number of "guiding ideas" that shape our business in providing added value to yours.

The crux is knowing how and when to measure important results.

Deeper learning does not produce tangible evidence for a considerable time.

Time periods for measurement must be congruent with the gestation period of learning.

Preserve a constancy of purpose.

In essence, every organization is a product of how its members think and interact.

Desired results are not indicative of learning.

Learning people have learned to learn about learning.

Emphasize "understanding."

Individual difference will be encouraged, promoted, and fostered, but not catered too.

Aberrant behavior will result in freedom of future responsibilities with i2k.

Love to learn.

There are no sacred cows.

If you are interested in the background knowledge and theories that shape our services, you can find that information here.


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