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What does this mean?  How are we going to determine if this was done right?  What are the performance standards? Yes, they need to include both quantitative and qualitative characteristics.  Listen up: “If you can not measure it, you do not know what you are talking about.”  You cannot simply look at the outcome; there has to be an understanding of the process.

Evaluation equates measurement. Evaluation is systemic, a means to determine the worth, value, or meaning of an activity or process. In a broad sense, it is undertaken to improve processes and products.

Evaluation is difficult and challenging, and it demands scientific prowess and methodologies. Perhaps you need to determine success in accomplishing program objectives. Or possibly, it is simply a strengths and weakness analysis; or perhaps it is a cost / benefit assessment.

Measurements can be grouped into categories:

· output    · quality
· cost    · time
· mass  · speed
· strength · density
· beauty  · effectiveness
· design · organization
· difficulty · error rate

We see patterns where others simply see complexity.


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