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We want to benefit your company. You have the data; we have the tools to show you what it means and how to use it. Our services are grouped into four main categories:


Decision Modeling

Training and Development


Government Partnership


Discover what info2knowledge can offer your company.


i2k can help your company make better decisions. Most companies know it is important to measure things: revenue, scrap material, on-time delivery, product returns, etc. However, making connections among all those facts and figures can be tricky. Often companies gather information but lack the necessary tools to decipher what the information means on a practical level and decide how to actually use it.

For example, a well-known heavy equipment manufacturer covered three of the four walls of its executive conference room in charts--floor to ceiling, three walls of color graphs and charts. Executives were proud of the charts and showed them off to visitors; after all, the state of the company was being tracked and communicated, right? However, when a visitor asked what a certain graph meant and how the information was used, the company executive showing him around was stumped. The company knew that it was important to measure just didn't know what to do with the information.

i2k can take your raw data and assimilate it to provide practical knowledge for use in decision-making.




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