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Regardless of your particular industry, your employees are indisputably one of your major assets. We can help you make the most of them. This includes an accurate evaluation of your workforce, identification of training needs, and the development and implementation of effective training. We understand that especially in these lean economic times, companies want training that produces the highest increase in abilities and performance with the least expenditure of time and money. And that is what we offer you. Below are some of the specific training and development services we provide.

Needs Analysis: Your company cannot pursue effective training without a clear understanding of your training needs. i2k can provide a professional needs analysis as the first step in your workforce development.

Curriculum Development: info2knowledge can develop specific training curricula to meet your needs. Using our expertise in learning styles and information acquisition, we will create a program designed to result in full understanding and practical application: a training program focused on results.

Training: In addition to simply developing a curriculum for your company's use, i2k can implement training for your employees. Our staff is experienced in adult education and offers a variety of training methods, from on-site classes to multimedia development.

Multimedia: One reason effective group training is so difficult is the variety of learning styles and preferences among employees: some grasp new concepts quickly; others take more time; some learn visually, others kinetically. However, one-on-one training is usually out of the question due financial and time constraints. Multimedia training offers the solution. info2knowledge develops custom multimedia training that allows users to learn at their own pace, while seeing, hearing, and interacting with the material. Because people learn 20 percent of what they see; 40 percent of what they hear; and 70 percent of what they see, hear and do, multimedia results in superior learning retention.

Grantsmanship: Another training and development service offered by i2k is grant development and technical assistance. Grant writing can be a complicated process, governed by seemingly endless rules and specific procedures. info2knowledge has extensive experience in this area and has produced impressive results for our clients. For example, our grant writing efforts on behalf of a major state university resulted in $11,264,227 in grants in one year, which was 54.3% of the total research monies garnered at the university.
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