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Evaluation Services

To determine the effectiveness of a program, procedure, or other course of action, the process and results must be measured and evaluated. This evaluation can be challenging, and it demands scientific prowess and methodologies to ensure accurate results. However, evaluation is worth the effort, as it can

  • determine success in accomplishing program objectives.
  • identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • compare costs to benefits.
  • assist in decision-making.

Process and Program: A business cannot determine the effectiveness of a process or program if the business cannot measure it. However, even if your company has the capabilities to measure programs and processes in house, you may benefit from an objective evaluation performed by an outside professional. i2k provides process and program evaluations that provide practical, useful information for your business. Process-based evaluations thoroughly measure how a program works: How does it produce results, and how well does it produce those results? A program-based evaluation measures the outcomes of a program: Where are the specific results and outcomes? Is this the right program to facilitate your desired outcomes? Evaluations improve project impact and performance.

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