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We are living in what has been termed the information age.  Everywhere we look it is e-this, e-that, dot-com here, and dot-com there.  More recently, it is dot-bomb here, dot-bomb there, everywhere dot-bomb.  There is no doubt that broadband technology is changing the world as we know it - anyone with brainwaves can see this happening.  The last decade has been amazing to witness.  The number of technological applications has been revolutionary.  It makes one wonder what the world will be like in the near future.

The world's accumulation of information is universally available (for the first time in the history of the human species); as a result, the people with the most information can no longer leverage to gain power, control, or wealth.  In fact, the seemingly unlimited availability of information offers only more confusion and more possibilities, and the average Jane and Joe is left to navigate the sea of ambiguity - constantly seeking certainty.  Ladies and gentlemen, certainty is merely an abstraction of the mind.  We are searching for what is real, concrete, and authentic, and what will form the foundation for 21st -century industry.

Whether your organization is a thriving dot-com or a traditional brick and mortar, data warehousing gives you the potential to turn discrete data into information. A data warehouse is not a building.  It is the process of collecting, storing, and organizing vast amounts of data from inside and outside your organizational structure.  Congratulations! Your organization has successfully built a data warehouse.  Information is now effectively and efficiently being stored.  The fatal assumption is that information equates to knowledge.  This is not so. 

  • There is a clear distinction between information and knowledge.
  • Information consists of differences that make a difference.
  • Information is a commodity capable of yielding knowledge.
  • Knowledge is power, and knowledge is business in the 21st century.

"Knowledge is now the lifeblood of all companies. Don't confuse it with information." Somebody is going to profit from all of this data. Will it be you?  i2k's Model Development & Corporate Decision Science group can assist you with any of your data and model development needs.

We see patterns where others simply see complexity.


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