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Some say we are heading for a recession; times are going to get tough.  The Dow and NASDAQ are up and down.  Perhaps you are asking yourself, Why did I change my portfolio to include those technology stocks?  Rational expectations?  e-this and e-that.

Some have answered the call this way: "Due to recent setbacks in the economy and the apparent lack of growth, internal training functions have been terminated.  We will no longer provide assistance to those of you who are continuing your education. We regret this course of action, but when times are hard we must conserve budget expenses, and the training and development budget can be eliminated or reduced without any ill effects."  

This type of thinking is and will be detrimental to your organization.  Tom Peters taught us years ago that "workforce training must become a corporate (and indeed national) obsession."  Have we not learned?   

i2k knows what it is about—individual growth.  Organizations must continue to train like they never have before.  Whether it is e-learning, distance education, or instructor led is a question of need.  Individual growth is fundamental to organizational development and economic performance.

Learning people have learned to learn about learning. It is an effective way to maintain your competitive position in the marketplace, your economic health.  There is someone, some organization, out there learning, thinking, training, and experimenting, just waiting to penetrate your market.

The United States must improve and maintain the skills of its workforce. While training is not the only answer, training in all its forms should be a large part of the solution.

We see patterns where others simply see complexity.



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